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Read some of the very kind words and great reviews of Todd Sanders neon contemporary art


“Todd Sanders is a fellow Texan and a truly gifted artist. I was drawn to his work because I’ve always had a passion for craftsmanship.


When something is fabricated carefully and with the purest of intentions – something really beautiful comes from it. When it comes to guitars, the wood has to be balanced, the glue just right, and the electronics built to perfection. The same thing is true for Todd’s neon art. No detail goes overlooked, and you can see it in every aspect of his work. And just like a perfectly tuned guitar – his neon signs are works of art.”   BILLY GIBBONS, ZZ Top


“Todd’s Neon Art captures the spirit I love about Texas.” — WILLIE NELSON

“For me, street art is putting work in public for all to see without compromise. My art is a creative dialog with the people, and I think Todd Sanders achieves the same thing through the medium of a sign-making. His work challenges the notion of a sign being purely for driving capitalism, and demonstrates a craftsmanship and authenticity which bring art and commerce together. Beauty and style are essential to both good art and branding, and these values are powerfully reflected in the intricacies of Todd’s work.” 


“Before Paul (Simon) & I owned one of Todd's incredible neon art pieces, I would drive my truck through Austin to admire his work through a window. Just looking at his art brings me incredible joy.” 


“Todd’s signs are dope as f&@k.” 


“Todd has a true talent for making unforgettable pieces that make your heart buzz like neon!” 


“Todd Sanders is unstuck in time. He offers us a window to the beauty and simplicity of a simpler time but has no trouble navigating the challenges of today. He is a walking encyclopedia of mid century America and speaks so passionately you would swear that he just appeared in the 21st century via a portal that he hand crafted as elegantly as he crafts his art.” 

DAN WINTERS, photographer

“Roadhouse Relics and Todd did an incredible job bringing the Asleep at the Wheel rope neon back to life. Their design has the look and feel of Austin, the town I love and call home.” 


“Todd is one of the finest neon artists in the US and specializes in funky Americana decor. I admire his work tremendously.” 

PAUL GRUSHKIN, author of Art of Rock and Rockin’ Down the Highway


“The greatest signs have always been figural, often in both neon and metal work. Unlike most of today’s sign people who throw a computerized font together on a rectangular metal cabinet – or worse yet, turn to LEDs – Todd appreciates the deep artistic and cultural roots of the neon sign tradition. He has created a body of work that calls on this tradition and often surpasses it by creating new artistic signs that catch, amuse and delight the eye. I have documented classic neon signs in my book, Vintage Neon, and am always impressed by how Todd’s new work stands up against the masterpieces of yore.” 

— LEN DAVIDSON, author of Vintage Neon


“In the 16 years I have been in the film business in Austin, Todd Sanders has become my #1, first choice, “go to guy” for signage for movies. The Bone Shack sign he made for me for Planet Terror still hangs in the hall of the Alamo Drafthouse on South Lamar, and I smile everytime I see it. Todd is one stop shopping.  He can design/build anything, or if you bring him your design, he will help figure out the best way to execute it.  The only way I would use anyone else is if Todd just isn’t around.” 

JEANETTE SCOTT, art director and set decorator


“I met Todd twenty years ago when I hired him to create the iconic Mercury Man neon for the Continental Club. Between my Austin and Houston clubs, I have commissioned 15 pieces. They’ve become an important part of the identity of the venue, and everyone falls in love with them. In fact, Johnny Depp loved the Mercury Man so much, he bought one for himself. But Todd’s influence extends beyond the Continental Club’s walls and into the city of Austin. Todd has been an influential part of Austin’s rich texture and authenticity. When an artist leaves a mark bigger than the works themselves, that is truly a gift.” 
STEVE WERTHEIMER, owner of the iconic Continental Club in Austin

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