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Photo by Taylor Lord

Photo by Taylor Lord

Did you know that you can book a photo shoot at the most unique art gallery in Austin? Not only the home of the famous “Greetings from Austin” mural but a one of a kind photo location.

Roadhouse Relics has been featured in multiple national publications, celebrity photos and videos and offers you a photo shoot location as funky as Austin itself. Have full access to our Neon filled gallery, and our vintage sign boneyard. The boneyard includes historic Austin neon signs, antique carnival rides, rusty gas pumps, and much more to give your photos a unique lasting memory.

Non-commercial small scale use rates (engagement, families, personal), subject to availability:

M-F 9am-5pm $150 per hour
Nights and weekends $200 per hour
There is a minimum of one hour (does not include a photographer)

Commercial + film rates (bands, photoshoots, commercials, film + TV)
Please email with full details including crew size, usage, length of rental, and any other pertinent details for rates.

For any other questions regarding photos shoots, email

Take a look behind the scenes.

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Online Norwegian website Dagens Næringsliv has a great article about Todd.

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1720 S. First Street
Austin, Texas 78704
512.442.6366 |


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Sailor Jerry visits Roadhouse Relics



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