Official Dedication Ceremony at 10:00 a.m. will unveil the newly minted mural.

AUSTIN, Texas  – November 22, 2013 – The Greetings from Austin mural has long been an Austin icon, and now it has secured its place in Austin’s history. The Austin City Council, led by councilwoman Kathie Tovo and Mayor Lee Leffingwell, have proclaimed Saturday, November 23, as Greetings from Austin Mural Day.

“The Greetings from Austin Mural appears in the photos of visitors from around the world, and it exemplifies the vibrancy and importance of cultural arts in our community,” said Councilwoman Kathie Tovo. “I’m excited that the mural restoration was an opportunity for students not just to sharpen their artistic skills, but also to learn more about Austin’s unique artistic heritage.”

Coinciding with the day’s proclamation, the mural restoration team will unveil the newly minted Greetings from Austin mural at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday. Neighbors and Austinites are invited down to join in the celebration and be among the first to get their photos taken in front of the vibrant mural.

The restoration was a collaborative effort between artist Todd Sanders, Rory Skagen, community leader Troy Madres, and the nonprofit Creative Action. The fundraising collected over $10,000 in community donations to support the final restoration.

The restoration project also included students from Creative Action’s Color Squad. The students were able to learn more about restoring art and became involved with a community landmark. “Our students were proud to contribute to such an iconic landmark and to collaborate with Todd and Rory,” said Lindsay Palmer, Program Director of Color Squad.

The restoration of the wall took a month to complete. This process included blasting away the original paint, restoration of the wall, landscaping, and improved lighting. This time around, painting and sealing techniques were improved to ensure its future as an Austin landmark.

“The mural was painted in 1998, and we had no idea what it would grow to become. We used a much better process with painting, stripping, and sealing.” Sanders went on to joke, “The mural is a lot sharper now. I guess 15 years later we are all better at what we do.”

The South First Street mural has since become an Austin icon, attracting both locals and visitors as a popular photography backdrop. The mural was originally painted on the Roadhouse Relics wall in 1998 and had deteriorated over the years. The mural is now as bright as its original.



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ABOUT ROADHOUSE RELICS: An Austin, Texas–based gallery of the neon artist Todd Sanders. Using durable modern materials and specialized weathering techniques, he creates and sells unique neon art, custom vintage-style signs, retro neon décor, and much more. For more information about Roadhouse Relics, visit, become a fan on Facebook at, or follow on Twitter @RoadhouseRelics.


ABOUT CREATIVE ACTION: A nationally recognized nonprofit with the mission to spark and support the academic, social, and emotional development of young people through interactive classroom performances, after-school arts residencies, and community-based programs. Creative Action serves more than 18,000 youth annually in seven area school districts. For more information about Creative Action, visit, become a fan on Facebook at, or follow us on Twitter @CreativeATX.


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