Art is to history as math is to science.

You can’t have one without the other.Mug

No matter the medium of art being viewed, it sheds light on the period when it was created. They’re artifacts. They’re pieces of real history that tell the story better than any book would.

Las Vegas has changed hands plenty of times, so to speak. Vegas was once a gambling mecca, a bad boys place for the Ratpack and other gangsters who actually funded some of the casinos in the 1950s. Now it’s more of an entertainment capital for people who aren’t as incriminating..

The remains of those 1950s casinos, which built Vegas into what it is today, can still be found in the Las Vegas Neon Museum. Enormous neon signs part of Vegas’ past tell a story of what it was like when Sinatra, and Dean Martin were there. The Moulin Rouge, more known for its name than the short-lived casino itself, serves as a reminder that it was the first racially-integrated casino.

These neon signs are some of the last remaining artifacts Vegas has to offer about its brilliant past.

Crown1-940x626Gambling certainly has a lot to do with making Vegas into an adult’s playground more than any other, but after visiting the Las Vegas Neon Museum, maybe you’ll wonder if it was those famous bright lights after all.

An article written by Larry Olmstead in Forbes this week summed up the Neon Museum perfectly: “At nearly every piece of art here, no matter how mundane, the tour guide has some colorful story worth hearing, one that illuminates the entire Las Vegas experience, then and now.”


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