I was featured in a photo series by photographer Norman Hera. The Austin Scene Portrait Series was taken in and around Austin in February and March. You can see the complete series here.

Norman Hera’s portrait. Check out his site to see the other local artist featured.

Norman Hera lives and works as a freelance photographer and graphics designer in Leipzig, Germany. After finishing his studies in Media Science, Film, Politics and Intercultural Communications we worked for a number of companies as a marketing expert before starting to work as a freelancer in 2006. His pictures were featured in fashion and University-magazines as well as in advertising campaigns. He teaches photography and Photoshop-Software-Use for groups and individuals among others at Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena.

Norman says, “I’ve always been impressed by the openness, diversity, dynamics and quality of Austin’s art scene and spread the word ever since I first worked in Austin in 2001. I’ve been asked many times to portray the artists to make the scene more accessible for people in Germany. More than that, I wanted to encourage people in Germany to show their art to others and not be afraid to do so. Austin’s scene wouldn’t be possible without the open approach by both artists and audience to embrace new ideas and give them room to blossom. I would like to contribute to implement the same approach where I live. The culture is very much different still – especially in areas outside of the major metropolitan areas – and we need to change that in order to develop the art scene in Germany – there are so many wonderful people here with great talent!”

Thanks again Norman! Keep up the great work. Looking forward to seeing
what’s next…

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