Chances are if you’ve been to Vegas, you’ve seen and done a few things.

You’ve seen the Bellagio Fountain, you’ve seen the Talking Statues at Caesars Palace, you’ve lain out at Mandalay Bay’s awesome pool, and you’ve gambled at the Venetian.

But if you get talked into going back to Sin City, which isn’t very hard to do, you may want to travel up toward Old Vegas and check out the Neon Boneyard — part of the Neon Museum.

Right now, for the first time ever, the Neon Museum is offering special evening tours of its open-air Neon Boneyard exhibit. Evening tours start at 7:30 p.m. and run through 9 p.m. during June and July, and from August 1 through September 15, the evening tours begin at 7 p.m.

It’s a great chance to view some old vintage Vegas neon signs that helped make Vegas so great. Caesars Palace, Binions Horseshoe, the Golden Nugget and the Stardust are just a handful of the most iconic signs that now serve as public art. Over 130 signs from as way back as 1930 are at this exhibit.

Hundreds of these larger than life signs sit, un-electrified and retired, giving you a glimpse of what these neon-less signs look like, but also showing you how massive and impressive they are.

Take a look at this video below for a tour and some history of the Boneyard.

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