Whether it’s a sign in a store front or the bright lights of Las Vegas, neon has always been an attraction and an affixation of the eyes. Maybe this is why so many fashion designers of last year and this year are incorporating neon colors in their clothing lines. Anywhere from Nike running sneakers to Versace gowns to Old Navy Khakis, neon has made quite an emergence in the fashion world over the last two years.

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Whether it’s been a full out neon getup like, Katy Perry’s 2012 outfit to the Kid’s Choice Music awards, or as recent as Selena Gomez’s classy Versace gown with neon accents worn to the 2013 Billboard awards in mid-May, neon fashion isn’t just for construction workers anymore.

What do neon signs and neon clothing construction workers wear when on a job site have in common? It’s all about getting noticed. What better way than neon?

Whether it’s in the office or in the park, take a look at the neon that’s around us and think of its roots – neon signs and being seen. Businesses used them to attract clients, now people are wearing its colors to attract other people.

So be bold, be bright, and don’t be afraid to be seen. Neon fashion encourages it.

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