Neon in MoviesA short while ago, some may have considered neon a dead art thanks to digital replacements. While that may have been true, that statement couldn’t be more wrong now. From movies to music videos, neon has become the latest retro art to be revitalized. Neon has jumped back into the spotlight, and is now looking for people to take the art more seriously.

Neon art is not limited to “OPEN” signs and Old Vegas casinos, but instead has become an art form.

Beyond the art galleries, neon art is also taking the film and music industries by storm. In an article on, Forrest Wickman examines that more and more neon looking signs are being used in movies, TV shows and music videos. He said this has become pretty common in movie trailers, and from the photo the article uses he clearly states his argument and gives us an “Oh yeah” moment. The directors are using this to capture viewers the same way a neon sign has been so successful in doing throughout time.

Many musicians have utilized neon lighting on stage during performances too, keeping fans eyes’ on the stage. Even art galleries are more accepting to neon than ever before.

Neon is making a miraculous return to the spotlight thanks to its recent spike in interest from major media outlets. The faint glow of neon is shining brighter today more than ever before in entirely new ways. Thanks to art and media revitalizations, neon has once again become stylish.

In the past 16 years Roadhouse Relics has supplied neon film props for over 20 movies including Miss CongenialityThe Rookie, Spy Kids, and Grindhouse. We have recently supplied neon for Terrence Malick’s newest untitled film as well as his previous work Tree of Life, starring Brad Pitt, and Sean Penn.


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