Vintage Las Vegas Neon SignsNevada has always been home to some of the most brilliant neon lights America has ever seen, and now they’re showing them off the ones that made that state so special again.

The Nevada Museum of Art is putting on its Light Circus Event, running now until February 10, 2013 at its location in Reno, NV. They’ll be showcasing some of the majestic vintage neon signs that used to be a Las Vegas staple, like the M-shaped cowboy chaps that represented the Mapes Hotel Casino and another famous Las Vegas casino neon sign, the Sahara, which recently closed in 2011. The Sahara symbolizes what was the last of the great “Rat Pack” casino hotels.

One famous vintage neon sign that resonates with the scene in Reno is The Harold’s Club, which has been brought back to life for this special exhibit. The collection includes many more classics of what can be considered the heyday of Las Vegas and its boom.

Mapes Casino Hotel SignThere’s no questions some of Vegas’ aura and brilliance resonates from its neon signs. It adds to its self-distinction of the “Entertainment Capital of the World,” which attracts almost 40 million people per year, and to its other distinction – “The City That Never Sleeps.” This awesome collection of vintage neon Las Vegas signs is due in part by the collection of Will Durham, who has been working on this special collection for over a decade.

The Reno-based collector has purchased or acquired neon signs for the past decade, buying and preserving signs that are rich with Nevada history. His collection is considered world class and he’s now thrilled to share his pieces that will take current Vegas thrill-seekers back to a time when their grandparents enjoyed the bright Vegas lights.

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