Last week marked the start of Art Basel Miami. Here are some links to my favorite neon art from the week. While I didn’t get to attend, I loved seeing all the updates and posts about ground breaking artists influencing the art world.

I have to start with this one because I loved the photo caption… It’s one I relate to all-to-well in my own gallery:

Art Basel In Miami Gets Us Thinking: Is It Art?

Is This Art? Neon bench is part of a three-bench installation called ‘Street Lamp’ by Iván Navarro and Courtney Smith. One of the benches was damaged when an Art Basel visitor sat on it.

This piece is from the Paul Kasmin Gallery:

Neon Lights, Neon Art

And last, it’s rumored Puff Daddy picked up this neon art piece. I love the sadness and vibrancy of the words and the neon:

neon art

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