Vintage Neon Signs This was a lesson in what goes around comes around with an underlining lesson of: never steal neon lights.

From a WIBW news story in Topeka, Kansas, two hooligans, John Appelhans and Luke Domme, decided to break a window at a bar called “The Office Lounge” and take $1,000 worth of alcohol and two neon signs.

Well that next day, Domme, 25-years old, found himself on the wrong end of a burglary and called police to help him out. Topeka police showed up to his apartment, saw evidence of illegal drug use, and, of course, the neon signs those two knuckleheads stole the night before. Smooth.

Police arrested Domme and his companion and towed them away to the police station. Now those two face felony burglary charges for theft from a building. Look, we know how cool neon signs are, especially vintage neon signs, but don’t steal them – Appreciate them!

Car and Trailer Neon Sign

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