Photo Credit: Katherine O’Brien

Before falling in love with vintage neon signs, came my love for vintage automobiles and racing. I don’t think I had a choice in the matter quite honestly.

My dad raced cars in the 1960s. He was 21, and I was just two. In fact, at two years old, my dad was once arrested and taken to jail with me in the car. I guess that was just the beginning of my love affair with cars.

My dad was a drag racer in the 60’s, which meant I was a drag racer in kindergarten. I once was removed from class for refusing to remove my monster T-shirt with his ’70 Chevelle SS on it. Such a crime, I know. But I held my own in kindergarten. I can still remember being picked up from kindergarten in my uncle’s ’55 Chevy Gasser. Jacked up, straight axle and engine popping out of the hood. I wish I was as cool as I was back then sometimes!!

Cars have always been in my blood line. I bought my first car, a ‘51 Ford truck when I was 12-years old, still four years away from (legally) being allowed to drive. You don’t know what it’s like being 14-years old, just staring at MY truck… then staring at the calendar.

Now, I can drive and own a ’59 Chevy Apache pickup to relive some of my finest memories with that ’51 Ford. I am building a 350 horsepower 327 engine, which I will race, but without my son in the truck!

David Coulthard in his Red Bull a F1 Indy car. (Photo credit: Flickr user E01)

So when the United States Grand Prix comes rolling to town in a few weeks, it will bring back some fine memories of racing around with my dad in those vintage cars. Of course, Formula 1 cars are anything but vintage!

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