Month: November 2012

Lesson: Never Steal Vintage Neon Signs

This was a lesson in what goes around comes around with an underlining lesson of: never steal neon lights. From a WIBW news story in Topeka, Kansas, two hooligans, John Appelhans and Luke Domme, decided to break a window at a bar called “The Office Lounge” and take $1,000 worth of alcohol and two neon […]

New York Neon

There is a cool book out called New York Neon. It was featured on CNN. The book is by Thomas Rinaldi, who was quoted in the article: “Old neon signs had caught my attention for many years, but around this time they began to disappear at such a rate that I felt a real sense […]

Austin gets ready for Formula 1

Before falling in love with vintage neon signs, came my love for vintage automobiles and racing. I don’t think I had a choice in the matter quite honestly. My dad raced cars in the 1960s. He was 21, and I was just two. In fact, at two years old, my dad was once arrested and […]