Catch Todd Sanders’ art at the Museum of Neon Art’s American Road exhibit at the NHRA Museum during the L.A. County Fair until Sept. 30. Speed Shop (pictured), Car and Trailer and Indian MotoCycles are the three custom vintage neon signs that are on display.

The American Road exhibit is sponsored by the Museum of Neon Art, which is temporarily housed at the NHRA. The MONA will make the move to Glendale sometime in 2012.

Another museum featuring neon signs recently opened in Cincinnati.

The American Sign Museum opened its doors in its new location in Cincinnati back on June 23. The new museum features vintage neon signs, to vintage Coca-Cola signs and so much more.

According to the AP, the new facility is more than four times the size of the original with 20,000 square-feet of space to accommodate its growing collection. The 28-foot ceilings of the new building give them the space to be as creative as the signs themselves.

The Museum’s main attraction will be Main Street, an artificial remake of an old style American city with old school store fronts attached with huge signs from McDonald’s to old local Cincinnati favorites.

“I view the history American Signs as almost a micro-history of the history of America. It’s really a fun way to learn about the history of America,” said Tod Swormstedt, the museum’s founder and director told Cincinnati’s CBS 12

There may not be a better person to run the Museum than Swormstedt’s. His great-grandfather founded Sign Trade Magazine in 1906, where Swormstedt worked as a publisher and editor until opening up the museum 13 years ago, so he’s a natural fit to run the museum.

The collection for this non-for-profit museum is insured at $2 million dollars, with more signs coming in. The new building features a restoration center to rebuild the old neons into new.

Casey Coston from Soapbox Cincinnati said the Museum was a “must see” before the move to the 1330 Monmouth Street location, and that certainly hasn’t changed.

Check out some of the Museum’s photos and videos. And if you’re even in Cincinnati, check out the museum and a piece of Americana.

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