Month: September 2012

Roadhouse Relics reminding you what tough guys do…

This sign is definitely not for vegetarians. It is one of my creations, made for Plan B Burger Bar in Connecticut. Although it is something most guys can relate to, girls like it as well. In fact, Lady GAGA wore a meat dress in 2010 to an awards show!,0,547157.story EAT MEAT!         […]

Todd Sanders Vintage Neon Signs on display in LA

Catch Todd Sanders’ art at the Museum of Neon Art’s American Road exhibit at the NHRA Museum during the L.A. County Fair until Sept. 30. Speed Shop (pictured), Car and Trailer and Indian MotoCycles are the three custom vintage neon signs that are on display. The American Road exhibit is sponsored by the Museum of Neon Art, […]