Month: August 2012

How I made my Press Kit

I just launched my Press Kit on the site. For other artists looking for advice, check out this post by my publicist Nicole Delger about how we did it: How to Make an Artist Press Kit | Nicole Delger.  

Used Cars – Lights up for the web!

A few weeks ago we blogged about our Used Cars sign. But you’ve never seen it like this! Thanks to Tim Delger for his handiwork creating this .gif file. It’s a fun way to see the sign in action.

Roadhouse Relics Photo Shoot with Katherine O’Brien

A few weeks ago, Katherine O’Brien visited Roadhouse Relics to take some photos of the gallery, Todd, and his family. Katherine’s photography style is modern with a vintage nod – the perfect compliment to Roadhouse Relics’ style. As Todd’s brand manager, I was actually cheering as I went through each photo. And even through we […]