Month: July 2012 is New & Improved!

This week I launched the brand new¬† It has a more robust portfolio page featuring some of my latest works. There is also a new destination for the blog that I hope you will spend some time with. Let me know what you think, and if there is any kind of news or information you […]

Vintage Neon Signs – Used Cars

This past weekend my creative team photographed a custom piece I made for a client who collects vintage cars. The car collection, owned by Bruce Meyer, ranges from dragsters to Duesenbergs. It’s one of the greatest collections in the world, and I’m incredibly proud my vintage neon sign art is now part of the garage […]

Instagrams of Roadhouse Relics

Visitors usually come in to Roadhouse Relics and can’t believe the vintage neon style signs are Todd’s original works. The following slideshow is a fun assortment of instagram pics inside and outside the building. Thanks for sharing!

From Sketch to Final Work

Matt Rainwaters shot four original works in the Roadhouse Relics gallery. These pieces, made in the style of vintage neon signs, each have their own story. We’ve matched them with their original sketch, enjoy!