It’s been a busy week! A few days ago I was notified that I won Honorable Mention in a NationalDesign Competition, and today I picked up May’s issue of Southern Living Magazine. On page 26 there I was! The article is a comparison of Austin vs Nashville, and under the artists section, Roadhouse Relics was chosen to represent Austin. The Nashville artist was Hatch Show Print. Not bad company to be in! I’m a huge fan of Hatch.
The opening page has the writer Jennifer McKenzie Frazier standing in front of my funky old trailer with the 12′ Austin neon sign above. It’s a beautiful shot.The photographer was Robbie Caponetto ( I’ve included another photo that he took of me in front of the trailer.
You can view their site at

The article reads”Jennifer says: At Roadhouse Relics, Austin neon artist Todd Sanders makes the new old again. Owners of barbecue joints, bars, pizza parlors, hotels- and pretty much anybody else who wants the vintage hum of a neon sign- come to Todd’s South Austin shop at 1720 South First Street.”
I’m very proud to be a part of what makes people love Austin. I feel that I have a debt to repay to Austin. It has been a great town to live in, and it has shaped me as an artist.
Get your copy today, it’s a great magazine. Oh, and if you want a great custom made vintage neon sign for your home or business, visit Roadhouse Relics.

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    Euro trash. I love it. I saw it in southern living. I can not wait to visit. My husband and I will be there this summer. Take it easy:)

  2. So awesome Todd! You are an Austin icon now. Great job!

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