Big Tex as seen in Lux MagazineI recently entered a National Neon Design Competition, and was awarded Honorable Mention. It was held by THE NEON GROUP. I was urged to enter the design competition by my friend and P.R. GURU, Nicole Delger.

I wasn’t sure which design that I would enter. After some deliberation, I decided on my ‘BIG TEX,’ a cowboy that I created for a loft owned by Alex and Sue Gillespie, here in Austin, TX.

The neon art piece is 6′ tall, with open channel letters, light bulbs,full detail neon on the cowboy, and ‘Howdy Y’all’ flashing alternately. I really enjoyed creating this piece. The clients were superb, letting me do my thing, telling me that they wanted me just be creative. I actually missed the piece very much after it left my studio. It was like saying ‘so long’ to a friend.

I’m happy that it is still in Austin, and it is making people happy. On to the next one!

Also, be on the lookout for my work appearing in May 2010’s Southern Living magazine and a spot on CNN!

I don’t create art for the awards and publicity, but it is looking like the years of stubbornly following my passion for Neon Art is finally getting National recognition.

I was told long ago by a teacher to find a job that I loved, and everything else would fall in to place. I couldn’t find that job, so I created it. It took many years of sacrifice, and at times I really had to ask myself if this was really what I wanted, if it was worth the cost. The answer always came back immediately. YES.



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